Kollel Chatzot

Kollel Chatzot – Midnight Kollel

A very special kollel – the only one in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, and one of the only one of its kind in Israel, that operates while most of the world is peacefully sleeping. Our dear students make great personal sacrifices by arising to engage in this most important service to Hashem, studying Torah with wonderful diligence and perseverance from midnight until the morning prayers at sunrise.

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Food Donations

Providing food donations to the needy is  something Kollel Ba-al Hasadeh works tremendosly hard to acomplish. Donations are gathered from generous local business owner and distributed in the community. 

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Sponsor an Avreich and share in the merit of learning torah after Chatzot in Eretz Israel and


If the world only knew the benefits earned by those who support a kollel chatzot, they would rush to support it with all their energy and all their money!!! Blessed is the man who merits taking part in maintaining this Torah, as it is one of the most praiseworthy forms of charity!


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