Issachar & Zevulun Agreement 

Importance of learning Torah at night

The main thing is that he should invest all his efforts into learning Torah every night from midnight until dawn, and then go to prayer, and he should not stop to sleep at all... There is no limit to the reward he will receive, and there is nothing greater than it, and he will be among the tzaddikim who decree below, and their words are fulfilled Above!!!

The solution - Issachar and Zevulun

A suggestion is offered in the holy books for someone who can’t fulfill this holy custom of staying awake from midnight until morning with Totah study. It is to hire an avrech in his place, to fulfill this mitzva, and it will be as if he fulfilled it himself. As it is written: “For whoever is in the shade of wisdom is in the shade of money.” And since we had the merit, with divine intervention, to establish a kollel chatzot here in our city of Ramat Beit Shemesh A, it is certainly befitting for every person to support the kollel, and it will be considered as though the donors themselves arose at midnight.

joined the Issachar and Zevulun Agreement

If the world only knew the benefits earned by those who support a kollel chatzot, they would rush to support it with all their energy and all their money!!! Blessed is the man who merits taking part in maintaining this Torah, as it is one of the most praiseworthy forms of charity!

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Supporting one Avrech in Kollel Chatzot per month

600 USD

Maintaining the Kollel Chatzot for one night

250 USD

One week of support of the

Kollel Chatzot

1500 USD

One Month of support of the Entire Kollel

6000 USD

Supporting one Avrech in the Friday Kollel

50 USD

Maintaining the Friday Kollel

for one week

250 USD


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